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Upcoming Symphonic Metal Albums in 2018

It's a new year and the list is back! To make things easier to read (and also for me to keep updated) I've decided to switch to the format that I use for my list on the on the SymphonicMetal subreddit, which means I can include everything on one list instead of keeping separate ones.

The format is "band name - album title (if known) - release date (if known) - recording status/any other notes". I've marked out things that are related projects or similar genres that might be of interest with a (+) sign.

Those with a ? after the date are rumoured/likely but have not had a date officially announced.

Upcoming in 2018:

Alissa White-Gluz (+) - Unknown Title - 2018?

Amaranthe (+) - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently writing

Auri (+) - Auri - 23rd March 2018 - Side project of Tuomas Holopainen, Troy Donockley & Johanna Kurkela

Crysalys - Unknown Title - Autumn 2018?

Dark Sarah - The Golden Moth - May 2018

Dimmu Borgir - Eonian - May 2018

 Elessär - Kosmos - 2018? - Currently recording

Fairyland - Unknown Title - 2018?

Haggard - Grimm - 2018?

Heavenly - Unknown Title - 2018?

Imperia - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently recording

Jaded Star - Unknown Title - 2018?

Kamelot - The Shadow Theory - 6th April 2018

Kull - Unknown Title - 2018? - Finished recording

LEAH - Unknown Title - 2018?

Lyriel - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently recording

MaYaN - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently recording

Midnattsol - The Aftermath - 25th May 2018 - Now with Liv Kristine as second vocalist

My Indigo (+) - My Indigo - 20th April 2018 - Sharon Den Adel solo album

Nightwish - Decades - 9th March 2018 - 2CD Compilation

Northward (+) - Unknown Title - 2018 - Classic rock side project of Floor Jansen

Seventh Wonder (+) - Tiara - 2018 - Album completed, release date TBC

Therion - Beloved Antichrist - 9th February 2018 - 3CD rock opera

Valkea Valo - Unknown Title - 2018? - New project of Manuela Kraller

Visions of Atlantis - The Deep & The Dark - 16th February 2018

Whyzdom As Time Turns to Dust - 6th April 2018

Within Temptation - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently at demo stage

Already released:

Meden Agan - Catharsis

Leaves' Eyes - Sign of the Dragonhead

Imperial Age - The Legacy of Atlantis

Apparition - The Awakening

Let me know if you have any suggestions for the list or additional details to add!


I am most excited for the new Kamelot album and Seventh Wonder! Wary of the new Within Temptation release, I haven't liked their last two efforts at all really. What are you most excited about, Sophie?


Within Temptation would be top of my list! I wasn't the biggest fan of Hydra but I think we can probably expect something quite different. Also extremely looking forward to the AURI project because Life & Times of Scrooge was amazing and I'm hoping it'll continue in that vein.


Delain and Diabulus in Musica are very likely to release something this year, I think Charlotte and Zuberoa have said they have some plans... Manuela Kraller's new classical project Valkea Valo will also release an album. Also, Vibeke Stene IS FINALLY BACK! <3 She has posted a teaser in her FB page, I don't know if it's for God of Atheists or her solo project but it sounds like old Tristania and I love it!
Seventh Wonder's album is called Tiara and Dark Sarah's TGM comes out in May!


Thanks Elvenpath!

I'd seen rumours about Delain and DIM but not sure how concrete it is yet, so might wait to add those. And same with Vibeke, since she didn't say what it's for! But fingers crossed for all of those.

And I will add Valkea Valo and the other details, thanks.


Meden Agan, released new album in this month and Crysalys will released new album in autumn.


Thanks, will add those!


Amaranthe are preparing a new album! Yay! <3
Also, there is an Argentinian symphonic metal band that I really like (and they are from my natal province haha) that is called Elessär. They will release their second album "Kosmos" this year (currently recording, release date to be announced).
By the way, why didn't you include the album pictures this time? :( Just a question, it surprised me...


Thanks @Elvenpath I will add those too!

That's what I meant with the bit at the top about using the same format as the Reddit post - so I can just copy between the two. It was adding a lot of time to paste in all the pictures, and sometimes there wasn't any art yet, so it was always just really annoying! Having said that if I do find myself having a bunch of free time I might add them back in in future :-)



Glasya will release this year their debut album "Heaven's Demnise" and their single / videoclip laauched in January has been well received by the press and all media. Glasya is a Female Symphonic Metal with experienced musicians from the Portuguese Metal scene.

You can check the video here - https://youtu.be/fjRwLpXtApw



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