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Leaves' Eyes Fan Vote Results

Leaves' Eyes have revealed the results of the fan voting for their upcoming 10th anniversary show at Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. Titled "Hymns of a Decade", the concert will feature 10 songs chosen by fans as well as many others.

Fans could choose 2 songs from each of the bands's albums, and the results were as follows:

1. Symphony of the Night (Symphonies of the Night)
2. Hell to the Heavens (Symphonies of the Night)
3. Elegy (Vinland Saga)
4. Norwegian Lovesong (Lovelorn)
5. My Destiny (Njord)
6. Into your Light (Lovelorn)
7. Farewell Proud Men (Vinland Saga)
8. Meredead (Meredead)
9. Fr√łya’s Theme (Njord)
10. To France (Meredead)

The show is sure to be epic with these great songs on the setlist, and it will also feature a stage set, visual effects, pyrotechnics and special guests.

Lead singer Liv Kristine will also be appearing as part of The Sirens.

For MFVF info, tickets and more:


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