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Video: Nightwish - Decades Trailer

Nightwish have released a trailer for their Decades compilation, a collection of the band's hits from throughout their career. The compilation celebrates 22 years of their history with the old songs remastered (not re-rerecorded, so don't expect any new versions here). In the clip, Tuomas talks about how he chose which songs to include. 

You can see the full details here. Check out the video in the player below.

Tuomas Holopainen Working On New Nightwish Album

In a recent interview on Finland's Rock Radio, Tuomas Holopainen revealed that he has been working on new Nightwish material, with six songs already written. The interview was for his new project AURI with Troy Donockley and Johanna Kurkela, but the inevitable topic of his main band came up. He spoke about struggling with writer's block after completing Endless Forms Most Beautiful, particularly finding it hard to top epic universe-spanning track The Greatest Show On Earth.

Tuomas then commented:

"But then, when we got the AURI album finished last September, I decided to give Nightwish songwriting another shot, and then all heavens broke loose. [Laughs] So that means, [for] about four months [now], I've been just immersed with Nightwish again, and I feel really happy and excited and inspired about it, because it's been lost for such a long time. 

"So I have six songs done now, and there's gonna be a lot more to come. But this year is gonna be spent touring with the 'Decades', and there's only so much you can do, songwriting-wise, while you're on tour. So it's gonna take the bigger part of 2019 to get the songs done, and then rehearse them, go to the studio. So 2020, maybe, the next album — it's not gonna happen before that. But things are looking really good, at least inside of my own head."

The band's Decades tour kicks off on March 9th alongside the greatest hits album of the same name, while AURI's debut is out on March 23rd.

News Round-Up: Auri, Kamelot, Dimmu Borgir

Some big news this week! Let's go...


Tuomas Holopainen's new project AURI has released a new single and some more details for their upcoming album. The album will be self-titled with the above rather minimalist cover art. The band consists of Nightwish's Tuomas alongside bandmate Troy Donockley and Finnish solo artist (and Tuomas's wife) Johanna Kurkela. All previously collaborated on The Life and Times of Scrooge, so expect something similar here.

We have our first glimpse of the new record with the single Night 13. Listen here: https://lnk.to/Night-13 A music video will be on its way soon.

The album tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Space Between
2. I Hope Your World Is Kind
3. Skeleton Tree
4. Desert Flower
5. Night 13
6. See
7. The Name Of The Wind
8. Aphrodite Rising
9. Savant
10. Underthing Solstice
11. Them Thar Chanterelles

The album is available to pre-order now as a digipak, earbook and various coloured vinyl editions, and will be released on 23rd March 2018 via Nuclear Blast.


The new album from Kamelot will be called The Shadow Theory, and features artwork (above) by symphonic metal favourite Heilemania. Special guests include Lauren Hart (Once Human), Jennifer Haben (Beyond the Black) and Sascha Paeth. 

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Mission 
2. Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)
3. RavenLight
4. Amnesiac
5. Burns To Embrace
6. In Twilight Hours
7. Kevlar Skin
8. Static
9. MindFall Remedy
10. Stories Unheard
11. Vespertine (My Crimson Bride) 
12. The Proud and The Broken
13. Ministrium (Shadow Key)

A 2CD edition will also be available with the following bonus tracks:

1. Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire) (Instrumental version)
2. RavenLight (Instrumental version)
3. Amnesiac (Instrumental version)
4. Burns To Embrace (Instrumental version)
5. Kevlar Skin (Instrumental version)
6. The Proud and The Broken (Instrumental version)
7. The Last Day of Sunlight (bonus)

This album is also available to pre-order now in various editions including a special wooden box, digipak, earbook and vinyls. It will be released on 6th April 2018 via Napalm Records. Check out the teaser trailer in the player below.


Dimmu Borgir have finally announced the details of their next album, 8 years since their last record Abrahadabra. After many years of teasing, we now know that the title will be Eonian and it will be appearing on shelves later this year. The cover art was deigned by Zbigniew M. Bielak. The album is reportedly set to be both more symphonic and more black metal than previous offerings.

Vocalist Shagrath commented:

"'Eonian' represents the illusion of time, everything that is and always has been. For us, it also marks the 25th anniversary of DIMMU BORGIR and the album itself is a tribute to our own history and the Norwegian black metal history."

The first single will be Interdimensional Summit on February 23rd, which will be released on vinyl. The album is released on 4th May 2018 via Nuclear Blast.

Kamelot Reveal New Album Details

Kamelot's upcoming album will be titled The Shadow Theory.

The band gave the following details:

"The new album features all the signature elements of Kamelot and also sees the band step out to add new and industrial elements along while combining amazing emotions that harken to the band's earlier days. Kamelot’s epic music is chock full of symbolism relating to how the band feels about the world and the current state of civilization. More news and details regarding The Shadow Theory will be made available soon - cover reveal next week!"

The band are heading out on a world tour starting with North America in April 2018, followed by European festivals in summer and a tour kicking off in September. Two of the European shows have been announced so far:

14.09.18 NL – Tilburg / 013
22.09.18 NO – Oslo / Sentrum Scene

The album will be released in Spring 2018.


An exclusive UK show has been added:
12.10.18 UK - London / Koko

Tickets on sale today (Monday 22nd Jan).

Leaves' Eyes Announce European Tour With MaYaN

The new lineup of Leaves' Eyes will be heading on a co-headline European tour this April with Dutch symphonic supergroup MaYaN - including one date in the UK. They will be joined by symphonic power metallers Almanac.

The tour dates are as follows:

18.04. FRA Paris - Petit Bain
20.04. ESP Barcelona - Sala Bikini
21.04. ESP Valencia - Sala Fussion
22.04. ESP Madrid - Sala Caracol
24.04. DE München - Backstage
25.04. DE Siegburg - Kubana
26.04. DE Essen - Turock
27.04. BE Vosselaar - Biebob
28.04. UK London - The Dome
29.04. NL Nijmegen - Doornroosje
01.05. DE Hamburg - Knust
02.05. DE Erfurt - From Hell
03.05. DE Berlin - Frannz
04.05. DE Weinheim - Café Central

Tickets go on the sale on the 15th of January.

Nightwish "Decades" Compilation Revealed

Nightwish are releasing another Best Of compilation to accompany their world tour this year. Titled Decades, the package contains remastered versions of a selection of songs from the band's history. It also features a 32 page booklet.

The tracklisting is as follows:

01. The Greatest Show On Earth 
02. Élan 
03. My Walden 
04. Storytime 
05. I Want My Tears Back 
06. Amaranth 
07. The Poet And The Pendulum 
08. Nemo 
09. Wish I Had An Angel 

01. Ghost Love Score 
02. Slaying The Dreamer 
03. End Of All Hope 
04. 10th Man Down 
05. The Kinslayer 
06. Dead Boy’s Poem 
07. Gethsemane 
08. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean 
09. Sacrament Of Wilderness 
10. Sleeping Sun 
11. Elvenpath 
12. The Carpenter 
13. Nightwish (demo)

The compilation is now up for order on the Nightwish Shop in the following formats:

It will be released via Nuclear Blast on 9th March 2018.


Edit: to confirm, this is a compilation of the old tracks, they have been remastered but have not been re-recorded by the band with Floor. For more info, check this post by Mika Jussila who was responsible for the mastering.

Upcoming Symphonic Metal Albums in 2018

It's a new year and the list is back! To make things easier to read (and also for me to keep updated) I've decided to switch to the format that I use for my list on the on the SymphonicMetal subreddit, which means I can include everything on one list instead of keeping separate ones.

The format is "band name - album title (if known) - release date (if known) - recording status/any other notes". I've marked out things that are related projects or similar genres that might be of interest with a (+) sign.

Those with a ? after the date are rumoured/likely but have not had a date officially announced.

Upcoming in 2018:

Alissa White-Gluz (+) - Unknown Title - 2018?

Amaranthe (+) - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently writing

Auri (+) - Auri - 23rd March 2018 - Side project of Tuomas Holopainen, Troy Donockley & Johanna Kurkela

Crysalys - Unknown Title - Autumn 2018?

Dark Sarah - The Golden Moth - May 2018

Dimmu Borgir - Eonian - May 2018

 Elessär - Kosmos - 2018? - Currently recording

Fairyland - Unknown Title - 2018?

Haggard - Grimm - 2018?

Heavenly - Unknown Title - 2018?

Imperia - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently recording

Jaded Star - Unknown Title - 2018?

Kamelot - The Shadow Theory - 6th April 2018

Kull - Unknown Title - 2018? - Finished recording

LEAH - Unknown Title - 2018?

Lyriel - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently recording

MaYaN - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently recording

Midnattsol - The Aftermath - 25th May 2018 - Now with Liv Kristine as second vocalist

My Indigo (+) - My Indigo - 20th April 2018 - Sharon Den Adel solo album

Nightwish - Decades - 9th March 2018 - 2CD Compilation

Northward (+) - Unknown Title - 2018 - Classic rock side project of Floor Jansen

Seventh Wonder (+) - Tiara - 2018 - Album completed, release date TBC

Therion - Beloved Antichrist - 9th February 2018 - 3CD rock opera

Valkea Valo - Unknown Title - 2018? - New project of Manuela Kraller

Visions of Atlantis - The Deep & The Dark - 16th February 2018

Whyzdom As Time Turns to Dust - 6th April 2018

Within Temptation - Unknown Title - 2018? - Currently at demo stage

Already released:

Meden Agan - Catharsis

Leaves' Eyes - Sign of the Dragonhead

Imperial Age - The Legacy of Atlantis

Apparition - The Awakening

Let me know if you have any suggestions for the list or additional details to add!